Army Basketball was founded in 1944 borne of the then Aldershot Warriors. Throughout the clubs history it has had a long standing tradition of excellence, competing in various international level competitions (including representing Great Britain in the Olympics) and having unparalleled success in Inter-Service competitions.

The Army Basketball family now as ever has a fiercely proud identity and recognises its heritage with every new member bought into the fold. Though we strive to compete at the highest levels, we value the importance of encouraging the participation and love for our sport at all levels, facilitating competitions from unit to international level, identifying those people with the skill, mentality and attitude of what it means to be an Army Warrior.



23 Jun - 24 Jun AMS Basketball Pre-Season TC Aldershot UK Training Camp Authorised
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Basketball Committee

  • President – Brig Reilly
  • Chairman – Maj Alex Walker
  • SecretaryMaj Shields
  • Treasurer – WO1 Fairclough
  • Assurance / Safety Rep – WO2 (QMSI) Lester
  • Equipment Manager – Sgt Benjamin